Emily the Strange - Skate Strange

Emily the Strange - Skate Strange 3.3

The players step on a skateboard and get a lot of action
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Mainstream is out! According to this motto the German publisher dtp young entertainment releases "Emily the Strange: Skate Strange" and an entirely new genre: Jump'n'Skate – individual and crazy like the antihero itself. In this new and first Emily game for PC the players step on a skateboard and get a lot of action. The journey goes through New York, Paris, Moscow and London – a crazy world adjusted to the distinctive Emily style. The players can jump, slide, drive upright, do a handstand or lie on the skateboard and break through numerous obstacles.
Tasks like jumping over hydrants, garbage cans, ramps etc. require the full attention of the players and a quick reaction. Unexpected challenges and of course Emily's cats Nee Chee, Miles, Sabbath and Mystery are waiting in 36 freaky level. As "Bad Kitten Club" the cats govern the levels and influence the style of the worlds. In Nee Chee's "World of Chaos" the players drive through the dark and in Sabbath's "World of Fire" they cross deep gorges. Miles offers in his "World of Creativity" strange power ups giving the skateboard speed. In her "World of Stars" Mystery is generous – a ride without an accident will be rewarded with new, stylish skateboards.

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